SKINS 27. – 28 JUNI 2013

Von Donnerstag 27.  bis Freitag 28. Juni findet die Gastausstellung SKINS in der station21 statt. Gezeigt werden Skulpturen des italienischen Künstlers Nicola Genovese.

Öffnungszeiten jeweils 18:00 – 21:00 Uhr
Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch.


A constellation of items of uncertain provenance and undefined, denied function, inhabits the space of Station 21 creating an out-of-time scenario. Laying at the boundary between the sacred and the science fictional, these images and sculptural objects could be archeological remains which might contribute to shedding light on a lost civilization; perhaps totems or tools for some ritual gatherings or offerings.

They not only push the viewer towards further inquiry on their nature and purpose, they act as triggers to question his/her own cultural identity. What would we, our cultural environment and our social cocoon become, once certain layers of skin would be stripped off and our inner selves exposed bare? Would our systems of thought and belief still stand on its feet, although modified by the layering and the crosspollination with others?
(text: Elisa Tosoni)

Nicola Genovese (b. 1971, Venice; lives and works in Padua, IT) is an artist and musician, currently in residence at the Rotationatelier OG9 Zurich.